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First, let me thank you demon and Pinky for adding such a congenial and competitive league to X-Box. It is a ighlight for me to sit at your tables and actually chat with the players, laugh with some and win a few of your games. Its my opinion  tha your league has very quickly become a top League on X-Box, mainly due to your efforts.. Keeping a stable and competitive league has proven to be a very daunting task, as i can attest to having played here for over 4 years. As your league is relatively new, but growing by leaps and bounds i am sure that you both are aware of the pitfalls that can ruin a league in a very short period of time. May i suggest that one of the ways to keep your League competitive and sought out by the "real" poker players on X=Box is to limit the number of players you admit to your league. If you keep your League to approx. 20 to 25 "competitive" poker players it will not only greatly enhance your reputation , but, will be an added incentive for people to join. One or two agressive "donkeys" can do more harm in two weeks, than all your hard work since you started Snoking Aces. It can be a process to weed out the true "donkeys", but i am sure you know it can be done. I would like to "suggest" to both of you, that you make your league games "private" for a few months ( 2 or 3). Then with the core of pure poker players that you now have your League will gain recognition online and attract more pure poker players to your League. Thank you for listening to my opinion and continued growth to an already excellent league.

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Plnky P inthe D
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Thank you for your articulate post, Newf, it is evident you put a lot of thought into writing it. I, and I think I can speak on Demon's behalf, take it as a compliment that you care enough about the success of this league to share your concerns. I whole-heartedly agree with your suggestions/comments. It is such a pleasure after a long day to sit and relax and share a light hearted chat and a few laughs with "like-minded" poker players. I also agree the games should be left private in the coming weeks to "weed out" those that tend to put a damper on our "friendly" competetion.

I can assure you Demon, Skin and myself are taking your suggestions/concerns very seriously and are weighing solutions to alleviate the pitfalls you spoke so eloquently of.

I encourage and look forward to hearing feedback from other members/players as to what suggestions they may have.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts...see you at the tables!

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thank you newf for taking the time to give us ideas to make the league better,its all about the players and making them happy.when talking with pinky about starting a league the main thing that kept coming up was that i wAnted a league where each and every player felt like they had a say in what we where doing.i agree that we should keep the games private for a while and i look foward to talking to you and the others about ideas in making and keeping smokingaces a great place to play

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